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Who We Are

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We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping those who have fallen on hardship due to illness, loss of job, or any life circumstances that is requiring some extra help.  We provide food items and basic necessities without any cost.  You may come into the food pantry and shop for the food items that you prefer.  We also provide baby diapers and hygiene products.  We also have a small thrift store that currently offers clothing items at a minimal cost.  

Our History


Sister Germaine Sarrazin, Daughter of Charity

The Ladies of Charity of Northern Utah is a lay outreach ministry moderated by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, who are devoted to serving Christ by serving the material and spiritual needs of the sick, those living in poverty, and the marginalized of our society.  The Ladies of Charity of Northern Utah was established in 2003 in Bountiful, Utah, spearheaded by Sr. Charlotte.  At that time, a shed was set up at the Daughters of Charity convent and was used as a temporary food pantry. Volunteers  packed boxes of food and basic essentials and delivered food boxes to several families around the valley once a month..  Soon we partnered with a school on the west side of Salt Lake City, and began distributing food from the auditorium to families in need once a month.  With a growing need we expanded to a building in North Salt Lake, Utah and called it the "Center of Hope Food Pantry". Currently, under the direction of Sr. Germaine Sarrazin, we serve 150+ families a month in many capacities and seek to bring dignity to all and respond to every human need.  In the spirit of St Vincent de Paul, our motto is to serve rather than be served with humility, simplicity and charity. 

God demands first the heart......then the work.

----St. Vincent de Paul

Our Mission

To see Christ in all those we serve while working to end hunger and poverty in all its forms, and to endeavor to do this with faith, humility and love.


Will You Support Us?

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